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Do you have a lot of websites based on Pagekit? Well - I do. And sometimes I don't even get that somebody commented one of my blog posts. Publishing the comment weeks after it was created is not motivating your users to interact with you. Pagekit itself does not provide a solution for this.

This extension fills the gap.

How to use


Using this extension is very easy. Just install it from Pagekit's marketplace.


There are no special requirements. If Pagekit works this extension will work, too.


After enabling the extension just open the extension's settings. Simply choose, which users should receive a message once a blog comment is created. That's it!

Important: If you are using the PHP-mailer, it could be possible that your mails are not delivered correctly. You know: Spam is a bad thing in our days and a lot of providers do not accept mails that are sent using PHP-mail.

But there's a solution: Open Pagekit's settings, choose "Mail"-tab and switch over to SMTP Mailer.







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