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Tired of spam? Well, I am.

Bad crawlers are searching the web for email-addresses all the day. This little extension replaces all email-addresses and obfuscates them. Without having JS enabled - most of these crawlers do not render the pages with JS enabled - all email-addresses will be replaced with a simple text: javascript protected email address

How To Use


Using this extension is very easy. Just install it from Pagekit's marketplace.

Hidemail installation step 1 Hidemail installation step 2 Hidemail installation step 3 Hidemail installation step 4


There is no configuration necessary; after installing the extension just make sure it's enabled.

However, if you want to, you can choose to enable this extension for specific pages only.

Hidemail installation step 5

Check function

If you browse to a site that contains an email-address with a browser having JavaScript enabled, you can see the mail-address on the site and - of course - in the HTML-source.

Hidemail JavaScript enabled

If you turn off JavaScript execution in your browser and reload the page, the address is missing.

Hidemail JavaScript disabled



Visitor having JS enabled



Visitor having JS disabled

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