Pagekit extensions

An overview of my extensions.

You can download all of them for free from the Pagekit marketplace.

Lazy Load

This extension allows you to add lazy-loading to your images.

Notify On Comment

Notifies a list of users, if a new comment is added.


This extension adds lightboxes to your contents.


This extension marks blog posts as potentially outdated.

WordPress Import

This extension imports your WordPress blog posts, comments and attachments to Pagekit.


This extension allows you to tweaks your website and add more powerful SEO-features.


Allows you to ban spamming or attacking users.

Shrink Images

Shrinks images to improve loading time.

Google Opt Out

Allows the user to opt out from Google Analytics.


This extension allows you to catch HTTP responses like 404, 403 and 401 and redirect the user to a new page or print your own HTML.


Create a full backup of your Pagekit-based website.


Let your visitors share the selected text easily.


You would like to include JavaScript or CSS to your site? You can do this with Pagekit without any problems. But: These scripts and styles are always included inline on every page.

This extension allows you to do more.


This extension allows you to include social sharing without harming the privacy of your visitors.


This extension allows you to automatically change the target of your existing outgoing links; it also allows you to automatically link words to a defined URL and track clicks and impressions.

Detect AdBlocker

This extension allows you to detect, whether your visitors are using an adblocker.

If they do, this extension shows a modal; if you want to, this modal cannot be closed by the visitor.


This extension adds a table of contents to your sites.


This extension obfuscates all email-addresses in your frontend views.

Loremipsum Generator

Easily add blind text to your editor.


Adds a glossary to your website

Exit Intent

Displays a popover if a visitor is attempting to leave the page

Optimize your conversion rate by displaying a popover if a user is attempting to leave the page.


Adds a meta-description to your website

This really lightweight-extension adds a meta-description to your website.

Latest Blog Comments

Tiny widget that displays the latest blog comments

This widget does not do a lot - but nevertheless a lot of users need it: It displays the latest comments.

Cookie Warning

Displays a warning text

This extension displays a warning message, which is shown to a visitor on first page impression.

Sitemap Generator

Generates a sitemap of your website

This extension allows you to create a search-engine-friendly sitemap of your Pagekit-based website.

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