Pagekit 1.0.12 released

Pagekit 1.0.12

Hello Pagekit-fans out there,

today the Pagekit-team released Pagekit 1.0.12, which comes with some minor bugfixes and improvements:

  • Fixed active menu matching
  • Fixed version displayed during extension updates
  • Fixed overwriting of config defaults
  • Fixed node selection for extensions
  • Fixed form validation (Safari, Firefox and IE)


Glossary exclusions

Dear Pagekiteers,

there has been no new extension made by me for quite a long time. Well, as I described, I am waiting for some bugfixes in Pagekit itself.

As the Pagekit-team fixed most if the issues in the last days, I really think, that we can expect a new Pagekit release within the next days.

And I was pretty busy preparing my extensions:

Stuck (Update)

Node selection

Well - it did not happen a lot after my last blog entry. I'm still working on a new extension (I will not tell what it is, now ;-) ), but a bug in Pagekit's core makes me stop working.

A grumpy post


Well - being a developer for Pagekit isn't that easy in these days. Waiting for features like taxonomy, which is on the roadmap for dozens of months now, really makes me grumpy.

New extensions for Pagekit

Exitintent logo

It's going on and on. My new Pagekit extension spqr/exitintent allows the webmaster to create a popover, which is shown if the visitor attempts to leave the page. So the webmaster can offer a discount or ask the user to opt in to a newsletter.

Wait a second!

Did you know that there's are great support channels for Pagekit? Visit us today and sign up for free using email or your GitHub-, Twitter-, Google- or Facebook-Account.

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