Building extensions for Pagekit Part #3 - Model, View, Controller

Hello everybody,

this is it: The next part of my blog series Building extensions for Pagekit.

My last post was about the initial setup of our IDE - we also added a composer.json and the module definition (index.php) to our project.

Before we continue coding we have to clarify some basic stuff - so grab a cup of coffee and some chocolate as this post is going to be theoretical.

New series: "Building a website with Pagekit" and "Build extensions for Pagekit"

Hello everybody,

within the next weeks I am going to publish - step by step - a new blog series called "How to set up a new website from scrath with Pagekit?".

You will learn how to install Pagekit, how to build menu structures, how to fill your site with content and how to improve your site with free extensions from the marketplace.

You did not build a website in your life before?

No problem: This series will be easy to read and filled with screenshots, so everybody is able to understand how things work.

You already published tons of websites with Pagekit?

Well - there are good news for you. Parallel to the series "How to set up a new website from scrath with Pagekit?" I am going to write a series explaining how to build your own extensions for Pagekit.

So stay tuned for my new blog series.

Shariff-implementation released

Pagekit Shariff extension

Dear Pagekiteer's,

today I released another extension: spqr/shariff allows you to show share-buttons for all major social networks and even displays a share count for networks, who share these information, without sending user's information to those networks.

spqr/linker released

Pagekit Outgoing Link Mask extension (linker)

Yesterday I released my new extension spqr/linker.

It allows you to mask links or link specific keywords and track impressions and clicks, so this extension could be useful for affiliate marketers who want to mask their affiliate-links or link words to a product-page, a landing-page or an external shop.

Looking for beta testers

Hello world!

Well - a new Pagekit extension is going to be published. Before I publish it to the Pagekit marketplace the extension, as it is a bit more complex than other extensions I published before, should be tested on some different systems (maybe even on sites with a lot of content).

So I am searching for beta testers: Go To Beta Test Forum Thread

spqr/glossary 1.0.8 released

Glossary Extension For Pagekit

Today I released a new update for my glossary extension.

It comes with a little bugfix and a new feature: If you are using auto-detection of keywords, you can now limit the number of matches per keyword and page.

So if your text contains a large number of keywords all versions < 1.0.8 are going to link all of them - even if there are thousands of matches.

That's not nice - so now you can get rid of that.

This is the CHANGELOG:

  • ADD: Added possibility to limit matches per marker using automatic detection mode
  • FIX: Fixed typo

spqr/glossary 1.0.7 released

Glossary 11

Minutes ago I released my glossary extension for Pagekit.

It comes with some bugfixes and new features:

  • ADD: Added Transifex-based translations (
  • ADD: Added possibility to choose if the markers should be displayed as tags on detail pages
  • ADD: Added possibility to choose whether the replacements should be done automatically or manually
  • ADD: Added exclusions
  • ADD: Added Editor-Plugin
  • FIX: Fixed VueJS-errors on older browsers, that are not supporting ES2015
  • FIX: Allows detection of items that are starting or ending with special chars
  • FIX: Renaming extension to spqr/glossary to prevent naming issues

Wait a second!

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