spqr/googleoptout released

Google Opt Out extension for Pagekit

Today I released another extension. spqr/googleoptout allows your users to decide, whether they want to be tracked by Google or not.

Pagekit 1.0.13 released

Pagekit 1.0.13

Hello everybody,

Pagekit version 1.0.13 has just been released.

It comes with some minor improvements like:

  • Fixed Facebook App ID meta tag
  • Fixed Gravatar for Blog comments

Like what I do?

Hello there,

some of you asked me in the pagekit-forum, whether they could spend me a beer (I don't drink alcohol, but thanks anyway ;) ) or a pizza (you can't do anything wrong with pizza :D).

Well - you don't have to. I like to write something about Pagekit in my spare time. I also like to write extensions and I love to see that they are used by the community.

Building extensions for Pagekit Part #6 - Digging deeper

Hello again,

this post is about some really cool tutorials, which you might want to read/watch, as we are working with a lot of very extensive tools, so I cannot provide comprehensive coverage of a topics.

So get started - we already learned a bit about Vue.js and IDEs like PHPStorm, but I highly recommend to watch these tutorials:

spqr/assets released

Pagekit asset extension

I just released another extension for Pagekit: spqr/assets.

You can use this extension to manage your assets like CSS and JS easily. Just include the asset's URL or use the editor to write some inline-code (which can be saved to a file, too).

You are free to decide, on which nodes your assets should be included. You also might use the deferred or async execution of your scripts? No problem.

Feel free to download my new extension from the marketplace. It's - just as always - free.

Wait a second!

Did you know that there's are great support channels for Pagekit? Visit us today and sign up for free using email or your GitHub-, Twitter-, Google- or Facebook-Account.

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