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Hello everybody,

as you know I'm not getting tired to convince people to use Pagekit.

So I'm writing this post, as I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people, who actually use WordPress, but don't love it.

Building extensions for Pagekit Part #8 - The database design

Huh - time flies! I released the last part of my blog series "Building extensions for Pagekit" a few weeks ago.

Let's continue on that.

Do you remember what we learned? We focussed on databases. Using databases in Pagekit is pretty easy - but designing a database isn't that simple at all.

We need to know what we want to do exactly.

spqr/seo - a few examples

Seo pagename

Hello Pagekiteers,

yesterday I released spqr/seo. This extension allows you to add an old-fashioned meta description to your site. You are also able to affect the way how the <title> is generated.

Let's have a look at the settings.

Replace smileys with spqr/assets

Working with assets 6

Hello everybody,

as you know, I really love to see Pagekit-based websites out there. Of course I love to see people using my extensions, too.

One of the most powerful extensions is spqr/assets. This is not because the extension is something special, it just supplements the possibilities of Pagekit.

Today I will show you a real-life-example: How to replace smileys like :) or :smile: with spqr/assets.

Wait a second!

Did you know that there's are great support channels for Pagekit? Visit us today and sign up for free using email or your GitHub-, Twitter-, Google- or Facebook-Account.

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