• WordPress alternative 2018: Pagekit

WordPress alternative 2018: Pagekit

Pagekit download

Hello everybody,

as you know I'm not getting tired to convince people to use Pagekit.

So I'm writing this post, as I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people, who actually use WordPress, but don't love it.

There are several reasons for WordPress:

  • It's easy to use
  • It has a huge community
  • There are thousands of plugins and themes
  • It's the de-facto standard for most webworkers

But there are some reasons why I don't really like it:

  • Monocultures are bad (WordPress gets attacked very often)
  • WordPress comes with "smelly" parts in the code
  • For me, WordPress is still a blog - not a full-featured CMS

The alternative #1: Pagekit

So maybe you are an open-minded WordPress-user? Well, I will show you some advantages of Pagekit.

The built-in webserver

You would like to test Pagekit without setting up a complete website including webspace, domain etc.? No problem: Pagekit comes with a built-in webserver that can be started easily. You don't even need a MySQL database.

Built in webserver Pagekit localhost


You got a lot of websites? You can use the command line interface (CLI) to update all your extensions. You are even able to install extensions or themes using the CLI or migrate the database.

No MySQL-database required

You like WordPress, because it's running on almost every cheap webhosting plan? Well - then you'll love Pagekit. It only needs a webserver that supports an up-to-date-PHP. That's it. The installation routine allows you to choose, whether you would like MySQL (uUse this for large websites that are facing a lot of traffic) or SQLite (You don't need a database-server for that. The database is stored to a file that is saved locally. Use this for smaller projects).

Easy-peasy setup

WordPress is famous for it's 5-minute-installation.

Well - have a look at this:

Pagekit download

Pagekit start webserver

Pagekit installation

That's it. How long did that take from the download to the completed setup? Almost a minute?

Of course - if you are uploading Pagekit via FTP, this can take a while. But the same is true for every CMS.

Clean user interface

Once you entered your admin-area you will notice the clean UI.

Pagekit admin area

Built-in features

Pagekit comes with:

  • A clean dashboard
  • A site-management (static content)
  • A blog extension including comments
  • User-management (ACL)
  • A marketplace (download new extensions and themes)

Pagekit only comes with a few modules enabled - but have a look at the beautiful markdown-editor: Pagekit markdown editor

It even comes with a cool fullscreen mode: Pagekit markdown editor fullscreen

It's lightweight

Pagekit is not using a lot of ressources. It's lightweight and fast.

It comes with great components

Pagekit is great for both: Users and developers. It is built on Symfony components and:

  • Vue.js
  • UIKit
  • Doctrine
  • Composer
  • and many more

Have a try

Convinced? So try Pagekit for your next webproject. Download it at pagekit.com

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