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Hello everybody,

today I released spqr/seo. Well - what's this?

Building my websites I always stumbled over the <title> Pagekit generated. Just have a look at these screenshots:

Title front page Title portfolio Title blog

What do we see here?

On the frontpage the title of my website is spqr.wtf | Welcome. Fine. But on the portfolio it's Pagekit extensions | spqr.wtf. My blog got the title Blog | spqr.wtf .

Did you see what happened? The site-module generates a title just like Name of the page | Title. The other extensions are generating Title | Name of the page.

And: If you set up a meta title, it only affects the og:title.

What does spqr/seo do?

My extension allows you to decide, whether you would like to include the og:title, the site's name and/or the page's name.

You are free to set up the ordering and the separator (e.g. | or -).

The extension also allows you to add an old-fashioned meta description - so it's the successor of spqr/metadesc someway. spqr/metadesc is still available on Pagekit's marketplace, but the next update is going to show a message for every user so they can update to spqr/seo.

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