spqr/security released

Pagekit security extension

Today I released my next Pagekit extension: spqr/security. This extension is going to make your life easier. At least this is my intention ;)

This extension bans IP-addresses, which are bruteforcing your Pagekit-based installation. It also allows you to ban IP-addresses, which are attempting to visit pages they don't have the correct permissions to ("forbidden-jail").

I also inserted a little honeypot, as I mentioned a lot of IP-addresses trying to open xmlrpc.php or wp-login.php on some of my Pagekit-based projects.

Using the honeypots you are free to specify any string you want: If the URL the attacker attempts to open contains the specified string, the IP is being logged.

For large traffic sites there's a little "spam-jail": If you are marking a comment as spam, the IP is added to the jail.

But don't worry: You are free to enable or disable every jail - you are also able to configure the number of attempts before an IP is banned.

I hope you like this extension. I am going to add new features soon.

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