spqr/shrinkimages released

Shrinked image original

Yesterday I released my latest extension: spqr/shrinkimages reduces the filesize of all your images, you stored in Pagekit's storage folder.

Doing my tests, this worked out fine - and on my Macbook (I have to admit: The screen is quite small, but has a high resolution) I cannot see any difference between the original image and the shrinked one.

Original image Shrinked image original

Shrinked image Shrinked image shrinked

I cannot see any difference, but the shrinked file has only round about 50% the size of the original.

Quite cool, huh?

But to be honest: The credits don't belong to me. I just built some kind of a wrapper for spatie/image-optimizer, which does the work.

We will see what I can build next.

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