spqr/googleoptout released

Google Opt Out extension for Pagekit

Today I released another extension. spqr/googleoptout allows your users to decide, whether they want to be tracked by Google or not.

To archive this, the extension loads some JavaScript, that adds the value window[this.disableStr] = true; to your page.

It also drops a cookie, as the value should be set automatically if the user returns to your page later.

It's quite easy to install and setup this extension:

  1. Download from marketplace
  2. Open System Settings > Extensions
  3. Click Google Optout
  4. Enter your tracking ID (property)
  5. Let the extension manage the tracking code for you - so click the checkbox

That's it. If you included your Google tracking script before - e.g. in Site > Settings > Code, please remove it. For details check out the project page.

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