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Hello Pagekiteers,

I am writing this blog post, as Pagekit is nominated as "Best WordPress Alternative" at 2017 CMS Critic Awards and the Pagekit developers would love to win this title.

But is Pagekit really a alternative to WordPress?

Pagekit comes with powerful libraries

In contrast to WordPress, Pagekit uses really awesome libraries; Vue.js is integrated perfectly, composer manages packages and Doctrine makes database queries really simple.

Pagekit provides a lot of tools for developers to build every extension - but on the other hand, Pagekit does not provice a way to use and extend the CLI easily.

Pagekit provides an awesome backend, which is so user-friendly, but on the other hand, some "must have" features like taxonomies are still missing.

So we learn that Pagekit could do more.

Extensions and themes

It's not difficult to write extensions and themes for Pagekit. If you know PHP and if you got some CSS/JS skills, you are good to go. The documentation helps you to get started.

But unfortunately there are only a few extensions on the marketplace - and even less themes.

The Pagekit developers promised to build YooTheme Pro, a powerful page builder for WordPress and Joomla!, for Pagekit, too. This would be a great feature - and it would be even better, if it would be integrated to Pagekit and could be used for free (maybe in a lite-version). That would be a killer-feature, as a lot of WordPress and Joomla!-users possibly would switch to Pagekit.

As long YooTheme Pro is not ready for Pagekit, there are only a handful themes available on the marketplace. The latest is from September 2016.

Nobody uses old software

Imagine you did not know Pagekit. Maybe somebody told you about a cool new CMS and you would just Google it. Well - most news are from 2014, 2015 and 2016. The official blog is quite inactive and there are a lot of open issues and pull requests. Would you use Pagekit?

Most people don't want to do things twice. Set up a website with an CMS that is possibly dead? You would have to migrate the whole site to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! or another CMS. I'm pretty sure that a lot of users are scared of this.

Don't be unfair

Some users criticized the Pagekit dev-team for being passive. Of course: Pagekit did not get that much updates in 2017; but on the other hand Pagekit is stable and there was no need for that much security- and bugfixing releases.

Pagekit is open source and so everybody is invited to improve Pagekit; skilled PHP-developers can contribute to Pagekit every time.

Let's do something

Most Pagekit-users love the leight-weight CMS as it's fun to work with it. It's clean and simple. So let's encourage others to use Pagekit. We can provide support at Gitter or the Pagekit forum. We can improve or translate the documentation to make sure that everybody understands Pagekit, even the person does not understand English. We can do so much - so let's do that and I'm pretty sure that this will encourage the Pagekit-team to focus on Pagekit a little more.

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