• The next update on spqr/pagekit-glossary

The next update on spqr/pagekit-glossary

Glossary exclusions

Hello Pagekiteers,

the next update for my Pagekit extension "Glossary" is coming within the next days. I already leaked some new features last week - but I also added a new feature, that has been on the wishlist of some users.

With version 1.0.7 it will be possible to switch detection modes. You may choose manual linking or auto-mode to link your content.

Using manual linking you can use your editor to insert a link to your content. You can choose, which element to link and, if you want to, what the title of the link should be.

The editor-plugin creates a plugin code like ( glossary ){"id":2, "title": "Helloworld"}, which is replaced in the live-preview of the editor.

You will also be able to exclude html elements from being linked automatically.

This is the complete CHANGELOG (work still in progress):

  • ADD: Added Transifex-based translations (https://www.transifex.com/spqrinc/pagekit-glossary/)
  • ADD: Added possibility to choose if the markers should be displayed as tags on detail pages
  • ADD: Added possibility to choose whether the replacements should be done automatically or manually
  • ADD: Added exclusions
  • ADD: Added Editor-Plugin
  • FIX: Fixed VueJS-errors on older browsers, that are not supporting ES2015
  • FIX: Allows detection of items that are starting or ending with special chars
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