Pagekit 1.0.12 released

Pagekit 1.0.12

Hello Pagekit-fans out there,

today the Pagekit-team released Pagekit 1.0.12, which comes with some minor bugfixes and improvements:

  • Fixed active menu matching
  • Fixed version displayed during extension updates
  • Fixed overwriting of config defaults
  • Fixed node selection for extensions
  • Fixed form validation (Safari, Firefox and IE)

The first problem patched I mentioned creating my sitemap extension sitemap-extension: Visiting the sitemap settings in admin-backend was no problem - but there was always the menu of the sites-module shown.

This was related to a little bug in app/system/modules/site/index.php. The matching for active menus was

'active' => '@site*',

and should be

 'active' => '@site(/*)?',

So this little update fixes a problem, which occured using my extension. Thanks a lot!

The fix of overwriting config defaults also addresses one of my problems; the glossary-extension was intented allow the user to exclude tags. Some of them have been predefined, just as the a-tag. Now if you added or removed some items, the array was not replaced by the new one but merged. So if I wanted to delete a tag, the tag was still there after saving and reloading the page.

This problem should be solved now. Thanks!

The node selection-fix is going to allow me to publish a new extension within the next days. This extension highly depends on such a selection. Thanks for that, too.

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