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Node selection

Well - it did not happen a lot after my last blog entry. I'm still working on a new extension (I will not tell what it is, now ;-) ), but a bug in Pagekit's core makes me stop working.

In detail: The node-selection is broken.

If I include it as follows

<div class="uk-form-row">
    <label class="uk-form-label">{{ 'Pages' | trans }}</label>
    <div class="uk-form-controls uk-form-controls-text">
        <input-tree :active.sync="package.config.nodes"></input-tree>

the selection is not saved correctly, as this gif shows.

Node selection

I already opened an issue at GitHub, but it seems that I have to wait a while or debug it by myself.

Update 30/05/2017 - 16:25h: Just a few minutes after writing this blog entry the bug has been fixed on GitHub; I guess after the next release of Pagekit I can publish my new extension.

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