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Well - being a developer for Pagekit isn't that easy in these days. Waiting for features like taxonomy, which is on the roadmap for dozens of months now, really makes me grumpy.

From other developers I got to know that they also would publish a lot more, if there would be some improvements on the Pagekit marketplace.

Sometimes it seems as if the company that stands behind Pagekit has just forgotten this great CMS, which just has been awarded as the best new CMS: There are some issues on github, some pull requests, some really good input from the community - but at the moment YooTheme is focussing on their CSS-framework UIKit, YooTheme Pro, Widgetkit and Zoo.

Forgetting Pagekit could be a huge mistake, as it has a lot of enthusiastic users and developers. And some high-traffic-websites are using Pagekit aswell.

Well - we have to wait.

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