• My first extensions for Pagekit

My first extensions for Pagekit

Pagekit plugins

It's done: After going deep into the website-creation using Pagekit CMS I'm now proud to publish my first Pagekit extensions in Pagekit's Marketplace.

A good feeling.

These are the extensions I published so far:

But... why?

Well - good question.

Last year I begun to create my first tiny website. Working on this website I mentioned that the existing sitemap-generator did not cover my needs - it was a bit too slow and unable to define exceptions. After contacting the developer, who answered my mail but did not update his extension, I created my own one, which is working fine.

Of course my extensions are not perfect yet - but I'm working on it ;-).

Getting in touch with Pagekit-development I very soon got my first "yiiihaw"-moments - so I decided to write more and more little extensions and widgets.

So stay tuned - there is a lot more to come.

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