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Affiliate links

Hello everybody,

as you may know: I am from Germany. And in Germany you can not do anything, without paying attention to the laws.

For example: If you created a little blog that contains affiliate links, you are not allowed to only link the external shop - you have to ensure that your visitors know that this is a sponsored link.

Well - I am not a lawyer, but this is the situation a lawyer explained to me.

Alright. So you need to create a little Sponsored badge or something like that, if your company (or even if you are a small startup without any employees) is located in Germany and you are using affiliate links, my article could be interesting for you.

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Support me

Hello everybody,

as all my extensions are free (and I don't want to change this), I created a page on this webseite that shows users, how they can support my work, if they want to.

  • PayPal is the most common method to send me money for a free pizza. It's a one-time-payment
  • Patreon allows you to do recurring donations (monthly)
  • Coinhive uses your computer's CPU to gather crypto money. But don't worry: You need to opt-in to that. The page does not start mining by default.

Donation page: Support me

So thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate that!

spqr/lightbox released

Pagekit lightbox extension

Today I released spqr/lightbox.

This extension simply adds a plugin for both editors: Markdown and TinyMCE. This plugin inserts lightboxes - you can add new images, reorder them and add classes, what makes this extension very flexible.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

spqr/shariff 1.0.8 released

Today I released spqr/shariff version 1.0.8, which comes with some minor bugfixes:


  • FIX: Removed GooglePlus from PHP-backend (counter) as it's no longer supported by Google
  • ADD: Added Vk
  • FIX: Updated php-backend to latest version

You are invited to update now using Pagekit's extension manager.

Migrate from bower to npm & webpack

Migrate from bower webpack

As bower is no longer maintained, you should consider switching to an alternative tool if you set up a new project.

In this article I'm going to show you, how to do that. Don't be scared - it's pretty simple.

spqr/cookiewarning 1.0.3 released

Cookiewarning settings

Hello everybody,

today I released spqr/cookiewarning 1.0.3. It comes with two changes:

## 1.0.3
- ADD: Moved settings from dashboard-menu to extensions-menu (modal)
- FIX: Namespaced extens

Please have a look at the important update notice in this post.

Wait a second!

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